Mission + Vision + Passion

Our Mission

     To exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior so that we can be used as vessels by Him to restore and heal broken lives, strengthen relationships, and impact the world with His love.

Our Vision

     To help lead and direct Believers and spiritual seekers to an encouraging experience of God's love and grace through the healing message of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Our Passion 

  • Leading people to Christ and teach them to serve Him with their whole heart.

  • Pursue the intimacy of God's presence at all cost.

  • To help develop a church community that is unified and healthy.

  • Restore the hurting and wounded through God's love.

  • See the sick healed and made whole emotionally, spiritually, and physically by God's power.              

  • Teach and train Believers to become rooted and grounded in God's Word, the Bible, as the infallible supreme source of truth and the authoritative rule of faith and conduct.

  • Help people discover their purpose, right's and possessions in Christ so that they can be used by God to help others.

LifeSprings USA