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Learning the Secret of Living Forgiven

        Lisa had been horribly abused throughout her childhood and was treated far less than human. The wounds inflicted left deep scars and many never healed. She struggled with chronic illness and pain ever since she was a child and had been diagnosed with various autoimmune diseases. She lived in fear and hated herself because of the burden she had become to her family. As a teenager she became sexually active looking for the love she had never known. She despised how it made her feel. Low self-esteem plagued her and caused dysfunctional relationships. She began to experiment with drugs and found they helped to take away the emotional pain she carried every day. She became addicted and spent time in rehab trying to break its demonic grasp but it didn't work for her. She finally broke free from the drugs after becoming a Christian. But she still struggled with illness, strong feelings of self-worthlessness and deep anger towards those who had hurt her.    
        One day she heard a message about the healing power of forgiveness and it struck a chord that reverberated through every cell within her. She learned that she could find complete healing by Living Forgiven. In obedience she accepted the challenge and began this new way of life by forgiving all those who had hurt her over the years, starting with her self. This set in motion an amazing transformation of her entire being; anger was replaced with love - pain and sorrow were replaced with joy and laughter - sickness was replaced with health and vitality - all because she learned the secret to living the abundant life God had promised her. (JU)

Bitterness Healed with the Oil of God's Love

        "I was hurt, broken by the hands of another. Why had I been so treated. I could not forgive and hate and bitterness filled my being. I had become a person I could not like. I read in Gods word about how I must forgive;(Matthew 6:12, 14-15 and Mark 11:25-26)
        Yet I could not. I knew I was in trouble; I prayed, crying out to God for help. I went to the Church; no one was there and I lay on the alter. I prayed, "Lord I can not leave here until you take the unforgiveness, and hate out of my heart. I want to have a relationship with you and to go to heaven when I die." He took it all away. It felt like a boil inside of me had been cleansed of puss and decay. He filled my inside with a warm oil that flowed through my being; the result I felt such love for the one that hurt me, and I could love anyone. I was free.
        I still am free and Praising God. My relationship to My Heavenly Father is wonderful. In Jesus love I pray that anyone who has had such bitterness of soul can also find this sweet peace and Joy.
        God's love has made such a change in my life that I can sincerely care about those who have caused me pain.
        Understanding that I have hurt God so much more than I have been hurt, I can reach out to those who need love the most-those who appear unwilling to love others.
        I was once confronted by a teacher who disclosed an anonymous remark about me: "She has no love". I was crushed when I heard it, but then I decided to do something about it.
        Compassion for others was born out of the desire to obey Christ's teaching in the Sermon on the Mount: I Love those that hate you.." True Christians will love their enemies." (JH)

A Fathers Love in Time of Despair

        "It doesn't matter where you've been, it matters where your going."  After 13 years, I can still hear those words as if my Dad had just spoken them.
        I had been dating my boyfriend for 9 months when I found out that I was pregnant. I was only a sophomore in High School and now, I was going to be a Mom too.
        I woke up Sunday morning just like any other and started getting ready to go to church, but this morning I just didn't feel right. Little was I to know that over the next few months this was going to become a familiar queasiness.
        I remember my Mom asking if there was any reason to worry. I don't remember having an answer, but I just began to cry and it all spilled out.
        My Dad was out of town this particular weekend, so I knew that I would have to face him when he got home.
        Monday morning, while I was getting ready to go to school in the little bathroom on the second floor, my dad came in. The first words out of his mouth were; "God doesn't care where you've been, He cares where your going". More perfect words have never been spoken.  
         God's grace and forgiveness are more exceeding than anything that we could possibly expect. Now, 13 years later, married to the same wonderful man, I look at my sweet little daughter and think, God is so cool! He took a rebel, who was walking away from everything that she had been taught, and turned her around, then He blessed her beyond belief. Only a great God would give me so much when I deserve so little. (PL)

Finding Freedom to Forgive

        "When I was 3 years old my mother died and our father left us on the street with neither home nor his love. I was taken in by an aunt whom I thought was going to love me and take the place of my mother. I was wrong.
        I suffered horrible sexual assaults by members of my own family. I was rarely allowed to go to school because I was bruised from the beatings I would get.
        I attempted suicide more times than I can remember. The pain in my soul was immeasurable. I would have shared my story but there was no one who cared to listen.
        At age 13 I ran away, because I had had enough, and lived on the streets till I was 17.
        Later in my life I began to understand that those things which happened to me were not my fault. I began to realize that in order for my life to be right I would have to learn to forgive the people who did these horrible things to me. I first had to learn to forgive myself for all the hatred I carried in my soul.
        When I was 27 yrs old I found my father. He was dying. I was angry with him until I laid eyes on him again and he asked me to forgive him for all the wrong he had done to me.
        Even to this day I do not know what came over me, but out of my mouth came these words; "Daddy,(something I had not called him in many years) there is no need to ask for my forgiveness because you did the best you knew how to do. No one taught you how to be a loving father, or how were you supposed to be that person."
        I then asked him if he had ever loved me and he said that he thought about me everyday and began to weep for what we never experienced together. I told him that even though we didn't have much time, I would share it as an eternity together.
        As I stood by his side I was amazed that I was now holding the hand of the man who first held my hand the day I learned to walk. I was so grateful to God for allowing me experience."  (NM)

Alchoholic Abuse Forgiven

        "It is so important that we forgive others no matter how abusive they have been to us.  In my situation I was married to an abusive man, the father to my 10 year old daughter, for five years.
        He was, and still is, an alcoholic.  I finally made the decision to leave him after realizing I could not do for him what he needed to do for himself.  
        We married very quickly after meeting, neither of us really knowing the other.  We were going to church, but we were not true Christians in any way, although I always knew God was there for me to some degree.
         After a couple of months of marriage, during a drunken blackout he went into a rage and attacked me, biting part of my lower lip almost completely off.  It was very traumatic and I had to drive myself to the emergency room at the hospital and go through 5 hours of plastic surgery all alone through the darkness of the night and into the early hours of the morning.
         The police were called to the hospital and they wanted to arrest him for committing a felony.  Yet, I just couldn't bring myself to do that to my new husband. I never could forgive him for the attack, as every day when I looked in the mirror I saw the damage to my face he had caused.  I also could never really forgive myself for having made a mistake in marrying someone I didn't know at all. When I finally learned about the disease of alcoholism and how sick these people really are I was able to start the process of forgiving him.  
        Since I came to Christ a little over two years ago I have been able to forgive my ex-husband fully.  I am now free of the resentments I felt towards him and I am able to pray for him daily.
        I pray that some day he will see that God is there to help him with his disease.  I realize that he has to have the desire to quit drinking and trust in God to help him to recover and in the meantime we all should love him just as he is. I also can now look in the mirror and love myself scar and all!  Forgiveness really does set us free to love again." (SD)

A Preachers Wife and the Ultimate Test of Forgiveness

        "When I married, I thought I was marrying a man of God.  I thought I would give up money, fame, and all the trappings that money can buy for a Christian man of God.  Was I in for a surprise.  I found out the ultimate betrayal can come from one who is a Pastor and Christian Gospel artist, and a man that can stand up in front of many and still betray his wife and family.  The betrayal was severe enough but it is what followed that that was so devastating.  NOTHING!  No desire for reconciliation or commitment to the marriage.  Just pain and sorrow.  Just a man who looked out for his own selfish desires.  All the pain and hurt and all he could think about was himself.  
        It is still that way and I have decided to seek help because of my unforgiveness.  He is not hurting, I am.  He laughs has his life the way he wants it and I suffer.  How unfair we think God is sometimes.  
        What I am learning is that this is the ultimate test for me to pass.  If I can find Jesus in this and his never ending love I will make it thru this.  His love is all that can sustain a person in a trial like this. No other love than His can get you through an attack of your family, ministry, and home.  
        I am going to make it because He is in me and will never leave  me.  It is not an easy walk, but one that will bring glory to Him. I don't know how things will turn out but I do know I am loved by God and it can't turn out too badly."  (SV)

Broken Marriage Vows and God's Love

        "My husband announced to me that our marriage was a total lie. I started to cry, and couldn't stop to the point where I started to act out. Even worse I started to hate myself.
        But that was not the unforgivable. The unforgivable was that I committed adultery over and over again. I was terrified that I would never find true love ever again.  I've been crying and feeling miserable. I haven't been able to sleep at all. I couldn't tell my family, but they knew.
        To this day, I didn't know what to do until I came across to your web site on the internet and now I am feeling so much better as I am typing this painful story.  I now realize that I am human and I can change because Jesus Christ loves me anyway."(KB)

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