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Seminar / Training Classes

     Our Training Institute is founded on the simple truths of the Bible. It is our earnest desire that LifeSpringsUSA will help bring fresh insights and understanding as we teach the secret to Living Forgiven and prospering daily in health - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
     We believe the training seminars of LifeSpringsUSA  is where people will discover amazing insights about the Christian walk and receive honest answers so that their needs will be met with genuine concern and deep healing will take place. 
     Spiritual growth is not automatic. Becoming like Christ is the result of the commitments we make. The classes and seminars are a place where one can make a commitment to growth.
     Spiritual maturity is a process. Many people think that spiritual growth is mystical and maturity is attainable by only a select few. The truth is, spiritual growth is a gradual process and any Believer can grow. The Institute gives a person a track to grow on during this process of growth.
     Spiritual maturity takes discipline. God is doing the work but He uses the time and effort that we put into our growth. The investments we make in our growth pay great and lasting dividends.
     Ephesians 4:1 1 & 12 says that God has given pastors and teachers to prepare God's people for works of ministry so that the church may be built up. That is our primary goal.

Our Ministry Development Center has created a process by which people can:

  •         Learn what the Bible teaches about prayer and ministry to the sick
  •         Learn how to utilize the supernatural gifts for ministry  

We believe that God has given every Christian:

  •         Spiritual gifts that are given for the purpose of serving others
  •         Heart motivations that influence the choices we make and the feelings we have
  •         Abilities that empower our service and affirm our choice of ministry areas
  •         Personalities that lend themselves to diverse opportunities
  •         Experiences, whether spiritual, educational, or those born out of pain, that compel us toward ministry
  •         To be a blessing and to be blessed

1). The Physiology of Faith - How to Live and Prosper in Health

  •         Exposing the strongholds of sickness and disease 
  •         How to develop a great relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  •         Learn what hinders spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
  •         Discover how to overcome and destroy those things that are at the root of sickness and disease
  •         How to receive healing spiritually, emotionally and physically 


       Note: Alter Team Ministry Training is available

2. Living Forgiven – Building Upon the Foundation for all Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Healing

  •      The Blessings of Reconciliation        
  •      The Fundamentals of Forgiveness
  •      Forgiving Yourself
  •      Forgiving Others
  •      Forgiving God
  •      Steps to Forgiveness        

        Note: Alter Team Ministry Training is available

3. How to Live Beyond the Supernatural – Anointed and Empowered to Serve

  •      Introducing the Holy Spirit
  •      Holiness
  •      The Abandoned Lifestyle        
  •      Divine Healing
  •      Signs and Wonders Evangelism
  •      The Operation of the Supernatural Gifts
  •      The Daily Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  •      Developing Spiritual Fruit

4. Supernatural Terrorism - How to Wage Victorious Spiritual Warfare and Demolish Terrorist Strongholds


  •      What the enemy can't do to a true Believer
  •      Binding and Loosing
  •      Can a Christian have a demon?
  •      Exposing Strongholds
  •      Breaking Strongholds
  •      Driving out the Enemy
  •      How to overcome sin
  •      Understanding of who you are in Christ and He in you
  •      What it means to walk in the Spirit

5. Touching the Heart of God - The Power of Passionate Prayer

  •      The Fundamentals of Prayer
  •      Intercessory Prayer
  •      The Voice of the Intercessor

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